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Jun 12, 2007

More Headlines & Heroes Love!

From the first sunrise, to the dawn of eternity, men have worn symbols emblazed on their chests, shields, flags, even their hearts, all standing for what they believed in and defining who they were. A lthough the times, culture, and even circumstances have evolved, symbols have remained etched as placeholders in our history remembering who we once were and showing us where we are headed..
Born from these men and their very drive to be remembered as legends, comes Headlines and Heroes. More than just apparel, Headlines and Heroes was created for those who aspire to be more, who aspire to stand for something and to be noticed.

These are the heroes that in their time made headlines, and who have transcended their symbols and influence on the world into what we know now as Headlines and Heroes.

Symbols mean more than depictions and figures, markers and signs. They reflect the soul, and stand unchanged through the heroes who have made headlines, and the headlines that have preserved thier heroism.

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