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Aug 31, 2006

The Jib Hunt Interview - Lifestyle Apparel

Graphic Tees have been all the rage in fashion for sometime now, and Jib Hunt is at the forefront of the fashion movement. The fashion and lifestyle brand designer has been an active snowboarder for 20 years, which is probably one of the things that keeps him so in touch with youth culture. In addition to designing hip and edgy clothing, Jib Hunt is also a successful commercial illustrator, working in marketing with corporations such as Virgin Mobile.

Despite his success in commercial marketing, it’s easy to see that Jib Hunt belongs in fashion. His summer 2006 collection consists of some pretty neat artwork on comfortable mens’ tees, many of which pay homage to New York City, where his company is based. In addition to that, war seems to be a popular theme in his current line; many of his shirts have pictures of guns and grenades. And of course, he didn’t forget the ever popular skull t-shirt.

We sat down with Jib Hunt to find out the deal from the man himself:

1.What was his motivation to create the war themed t-shirts?

I have always had an interest in the military and military related technology and themes since I was a little kid. When I worked at Burton, the Analog collection was heavily military themed and that mindset has stayed with me since.

2.What type of message does he hope to put out with those, if any?

All of my artwork is open to interpretation. It’s not pro war or anti-war. The meaning of the artwork is different for everyone. That’s my approach to all my artwork.

3. What is his creative process, how does he decide which designs to produce and which ones not to?

I usually break my graphics into themes for each season. There will usually be 2-3 themes that all the graphics fall into.

4. When he first started his line, how did he go about getting his merchandise into the stores?

I have built up my name through the year’s as an Illustrator and Sportswear Designer and I have also had many relationship with shops through the action sports industry. It’s a matter of getting the right stuff in front of the right people. When people understand what you are doing, they buy into it and once you get a couple retailers, it’s easier to get others.

5. Where does you get your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from lots of things...military, music, culture, history, technology, people, traveling, etc. I am always keeping my eyes and ears open.

Jib Hunt clothing can currently be found at stores such as KarmaLoop.com and the national retail chain Urban Outfitters.

Aug 3, 2006

Headlines and Heroes

Started in the Spring of 2006, H&H is already making huge leaps and bounds!

About H&H
Headlines & Heroes - A Clothing Line For Super Heroes, Criminals and everything in between.

Made for people who aspire to make headlines and have the swager of a hero. With designs that transcend generations while defining the times.

This is one brand that is out to make the papers!

For presale T-shirt orders, email H&H for the hook up!