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May 15, 2007

H&H invades LA!

They have been known to hold their members-only roundtables in elite hotels and events at high profile venues. Ladies and gentlemen, may we present what happens when you mix H&H with one of the founders of The Karma Foundation.

We always knew that the sentiment of generating positive energy will only create more positive energy. The Karma Foundation has utilized this principle and applied it in many areas including their attire ;-)

Eric Stotz (pictured here rocking H&H), one of the founders of the Karma Foundation along with James Pratt began the foundation back in 2005 with the goal of helping good people with good friends find professional and social advancement through philanthropic events.

In addition to tremendous parties, the foundation members also hold roundtable meetings to network and to discuss ways of benefiting worthy causes. Marvin Epstein, one of board of Governors of the Karma Foundation who is a board member on 5 charities himself exemplifies this initiative. The members prioritize philanthropic organizations that they believe may need support as more and more funds are diverted to natural disaster funds and the like. Members are generally successful, well-connected, good-hearted, and business-savvy. Their process to join the organization is by invitation from a founder or existing member. (For the
not-so-well-connected, one can also fill out an application and be considered for membership.)

Better get that H&H before your friend does ;-)

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