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Dec 26, 2006

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Dec 22, 2006

ClipBandits Logo T-shirts - Designed by H&H

Here is a sneak peek.

Coming soon to a website near you! Get ready for the official Clipbandits Logo Tee.

Designed by Headlines & Heroes exclusively for the ClipBandits in early December 2006.

About The ClipBandits:
The world's first web band, the ClipBandits , return live from New York City, Los Angeles, Austin and Boston via the web to create another original song and video. "Higher" was once again created by syncing each other's video clips and without ever talking to each other. ClipBandits' previous YouTube video "Internet Killed the Video Star" has been viewed over one million times and landed the ClipBandits on ABC World News, Good Morning America, a live performance on the Tyra Banks Show (air date Dec. 6 2006), was the #1 featured video by YouTube at the top of their main page, and was given an Honorable Mention in the Cingular YourTube Underground Contest.
Yes, ClipBandits really were "Almost YouTube Underground Winners!"

ClipBandits are:
J-Pe$o..................Vocals and 12-String

Girl Bass Player.....Bass (AKA The One And Only)



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Dec 20, 2006

"Et Tu, Brute?" in Black

Here is a sneak peak of some new fire!

We have been in lab cooking up some serious things. Keep checking back for the latest H&H news.

According to Wikipedia:
"Et tu, Brute?" were, according to legend, the last words of Julius Caesar. In English, the sentence means "You too, Brutus?" or "Even you, Brutus?".

On March 15, 44 BC, Julius Caesar was attacked by a group of senators, including Marcus Junius Brutus, a senator and Caesar's close friend. Caesar initially resisted his attackers, but when he saw Brutus, he supposedly spoke those words and resigned himself to his fate.

Probably the most famous 3 words uttered, "Et tu, Brute?", this expression has come to mean ultimate betrayal by one's closest friend(s).

The phrase is often misquoted as "Et tu, Brutus?" Brute is the Latin vocative form of Brutus, used when directly addressing the individual in question. The nominative form, Brutus, would be used in a sentence such as "Brutus killed Caesar", where Brutus is the grammatical subject of a verb.

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H&H Featured on ILoveYourthirt.com

According to ILYT :
Headlines & Heroes is more than just apparel. It is fashion created for those who aspire to be more, who aspire to stand for something and to be noticed. Each design and logo transcends generations by bringing symbols and quotes of legends, gangsters, luminaries, martyrs, anyone who ever left something timeless for the future to envy.

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KiserNY - H&H Certified!

One day, Kiser Barnes got up, got to work on his clothing line, and realized something both strange and exciting: Kanye West was wearing his shirt. The hip-hop icon had been given one of Kiser's designs by a DJ friend, and loved it so much that he wore it while hosting MTV's "Total Request Live". For a down-to-earth guy that says he "hasn't really been chasing celebrities" to endorse his designs, it was a pretty big coux for Kiser.

Kiser's shirts and hoodies for both men and women have also been popping up in articles and holiday gift guides for numerous magazines, including Cargo, Nylon, GQ, and Complex. There was another surprise appearance when Kiser's DJ buddy wore one of his shirts on the cover of URB magazine.

Even without worrying whose highly-publicized back is sporting his shirts, Kiser is a pretty busy entrepreneur. The former graphic designer began his line (also named "Kiser") in late 2004 with a partner, but has since taken over most or all responsibilities. What began as a Soho sidewalk sale for tourists soon warped into a full-scale occupation. Despite being a fashion rookie, Kiser successfully got his bright and graphically beautiful shirts into stores around the world. He also does business out of an immaculately designed online store, for the transportation-impaired.

So, what's the attraction with the designs? And why T-shirts? "The concept is different from a lot of stuff that's out there right now," says the designer, who cites a childhood spent in Africa as one of his many influences. He looks at everything from (streetwear line) Modern Amusement to Sonia Rykiel for inspiration, but generates a look that is inimitably his own. Kiser hopes to collaborate on a line of sneakers in the near future, and considers "a graphic life" as his motto for the designs that are equal parts skatewear, cyber-cool, and big-pimpin'. T-shirts start at $30.

So, what's it like doing what you love for a living? "Sometimes I question it," admits Kiser. "But sometimes I wake up and it's like "I have the best life. I have an impact on popular culture."

Go to KiserNY.com to check out the goods.