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Jan 10, 2007

Headlines & Heroes Logo T on the Tyra Banks Show!

The members of the worlds first web band, the ClipBandits, meet for the first time and perform on the Tyra Banks Show. Broadcast December 6, 2006. Lead Singer, J-pe$o of the Clipbandits wore our White Logo T on the show!

The world's first web band, the ClipBandits, return live from New York City, Los Angeles, Austin and Boston via the web to create another original song and video. "Higher" was once again created by syncing each other's video clips and without ever talking to each other.

ClipBandits' previous YouTube video "Internet Killed the Video Star" has been viewed over one million times and landed the ClipBandits on ABC World News, Good Morning America, a live performance on the Tyra Banks Show (air date Dec. 6 2006), was the #1 featured video by YouTube at the top of their main page, and was given an Honorable Mention in the Cingular YourTube Underground Contest. Yes, ClipBandits really were "Almost YouTube Underground Winners!"

ClipBandits are:
J-Pe$o..................Vocals and 12-String
Girl Bass Player.....Bass (AKA The One And Only)

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